The Color Line – African American Art in Paris

The whole time Alix (my homegirl I went to Europe with) and I were in Paris, we kept seeing posters like the one above.  Since it was usually in passing, the flag in the picture is what caught our eyes.  Curiosity finally got the best of us and we looked it up only to discover... Continue Reading →

Casa de la Cultura Marcus Garvey

Having a well-planned out itinerary for trips is definitely major key however, allowing yourself some time for random exploring is never a bad thing.  This is exactly how I stumbled upon one of my favorite parts of my trip to Costa Rica.  We had just finished eating and decided to take a little stroll through... Continue Reading →

My Travel Goals 2K17

I’ve been thinking semi hard on what my travel goals for 2017 are and I finally came up with my answer: I ain’t got none.  Last year I said I would visit at least 3 countries and I made it to 5.  I was blessed to hit Costa Rica, France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. ... Continue Reading →

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