My Travel Goals 2K17

I’ve been thinking semi hard on what my travel goals for 2017 are and I finally came up with my answer: I ain’t got none.  Last year I said I would visit at least 3 countries and I made it to 5.  I was blessed to hit Costa Rica, France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Clearly, if you want to hit multiple countries in one trip, Europe will get you right.

This year, I don’t feel compelled to quantify my travels.  I know I will get my travel on and I know my trips will be poppington.  I’m more so focusing on the quality of trips I will take and ensuring that I fill this year with beautiful travel experiences.  I’m kind of going with the flow for now and just seeing where I land.  A few places that I would love to bless with my presence however are South Africa, Thailand, Brazil, Cuba, New Orleans, Charleston and California.  Will I make it to any of those places this year?  We shall see!

When I reflect on my travels from this past year, my biggest accomplishment was visiting countries I had never been to before.  It was a year full of new experiences and unchartered territory for me.  Some of my favorite moments from my 2016 trips are below:

Kamaria locked the keys to the house we rented in Costa Rica in her room and had to tap into her inner MacGyver to retrieve them.  Spoiler alert: she got the keys and we were able to get back in the house.

I HAD to put this on the snap.

Our last day in Paris, Alix and I ran up and down 2 different streets looking for vendors who were selling pictures of Josephine Baker.

Josephine in the train station. Hey girl!

This meal:

Multi course meal from Da Costantino in Positano.

This meal:

Because this chicken at Oktoberfest Paris was just that good.

And this meal:

This was a special from a restaurant called Cafe Rico in Puerto Viejo. Fire flames.

The Color Line exhibit at the Musée De Quai Branly museum in Paris:

“Martin Luther King, Jr.” by Reginald A. Gammon, Jr.
My girl Angie. *black power fist*


“Practice makes perfect!” by Oliver W. Harrington

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane with me! I’m positive my trips from 2017 will leave me with even better memories. Stay tuned!

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