cafe du monde: the hypington

Am I about to come on here, act like I ain’t been gone for a hot minute and keep it pushing?  Sure am.  So, your girl made it down to Nola (New Orleans) for the first time this past NYE and yes, it absolutely lived up to the hype (I’ll save my new found love for Nola for another post).  One of the things this city is most known for is the food and a local spot that many people will tell you that you MUST visit is Cafe Du Monde.  Now, being a foodie who loves herself some beignets, I was like word, let’s see what’s up with the what’s up.  After visiting this cafe for myself, issa no for me dawg.

Le menu @ Cafe Du Monde

the good.

Our waiter was very friendly.  The hot chocolate was piping hot and delicious.  It was pouring raining when we went so the covering over the outdoor cafe kept us dry.

the bad.

Girl. This place was a hot mess.  Because of it’s popularity, depending on when you go, you might be standing in line for a long time.  Only to then have to fight the people next to you for a seat.  There’s no hostess or greeters so it’s a everyone for themselves kind of situation when it comes to getting a table (I’m not a fan of this kind of chaotic unorganization).  When you do finally manage to sit down, you’re seated at a sticky ass table that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.

The beignets.  They look fire here… looks can be deceiving…

the ugly.

The waiters are clearly stressed (an probably overworked and hella underpaid). By the time we got our beignets, they weren’t even hot.  Other patrons were upset over their wait times and lack of service.  Considering all these factors, the overall energy of this place just wasn’t vibes for me at all.  My personal experience was very anticlimatic so it’s my conclusion that cafe du monde is overhyped.

If your experience was different, I would love to hear about it homie.  Let me know in the comments!  Am I being too harsh?  Should I give them another chance?  Is there another spot you go to in Nola for the deliciousness that is the beignet?

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