Rain, Don’t Kill My Vibe

Unfortunately, not all travel stories are good ones.  While my experience at Made in America 2k17 was not a complete bust, it was lack luster on many fronts.  Like, I can’t even come to y’all and start on a positive note because the weather was rude as hell.  To sum it up briefly: the weather was garbage and Solange was fantastic.  There was more to it than that but those are the basics.

Let’s start with the super disrespectful weather.  The rain destroyed the entire vibe.  Not only was the rain on some bs, it was cold too.  The high for the first day of the festival was like mid-60s.  Then, with rain and grass and dirt comes what?  Mud!  It. Was. Nasty. Ugh.  Even as I’m sitting here recalling that day, I’m getting upset.  Now, I was prepared by wearing sneakers, a poncho, and my hair covered but still, doing a festival in the rain is a hell to the nah.

The best part of the day was that I got there just in time to see my boo Cardi B perform the last 5 words of Bodak Yellow and then hop off the stage (I may or may not still be in my feelings LOL).  We went to hop in the line for people who had Tidal because it was shorter but homegirl was being pressed about us showing her our phones (she was actually just doing her job but she was standing in between me and Cardi B).  Then, security was trying act like they was really about to do a thorough check in the rain.  Everyone was playing games man.  It’s okay though, I will see Queen Cardi another time.

For the actual positive part of this story: Solange.  She was everything.  I was definitely that person in the crowd screaming and talking back to her for the duration of her set.  The girls in front of me kept turning around cause I guess I was yelling in their ears or whatever but they was aight.  She performed numerous songs from A Seat at the Table so y’all know I got my life.  She even did a lil snippet of the Proud Family theme song which was very much appreciated.  The rain was killing her vibe too because baby girl almost fell on stage and had to ask for someone to bring some towels out.  She then took it back and sang some of her old jams like T.O.N.Y. and Losing You.  Her choreography (that she did herself) was great.  Her entire set was like one big performance art piece.  Was it worth standing in the rain and mud to bask in all of that black girl magic?  I’d say so.

We didn’t even stay to see my boo J Cole.  By that time, we were OVER IT.  The rain, the cold, the mud, and the crowds had worn us out.  When we were first faking like we were going to stay for Cole we decided to use the bathroom before his set started.  While waiting in line for the porta potties, one dude comes out and says “Yo, whatever you do, don’t sit down.”  I’m like “Boy! That was never happening.”  Seriously, did he really think that was ever an option?  He then says, “Don’t even hover.”  So I’m like “Sir, now how is that supposed to work?”  He holds up one hand and says, “here is the toilet seat” and holds his other hand above that and says, “here is the overflow.”  And just like that, I no longer had to use the restroom.

I think that entire weekend I took like 2 or 3 pictures.  First, I wasn’t trying to have my phone out in the rain like that.  Second, like the intelligent human being that I am, I forgot my portable chargers so my phone was basically on struggle mode each day.  I pretty much decided that this would be my last Made in America.  I’ve done that festival 3 times and it was a really good run.  I came, I saw, I conquered, I’m washed and I’m tired.

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