So You Wanna Go To Tulum: A Guide

Ya girl was LONG overdue for a trip.  And Tulum, Mexico (located about an hour and a half outside of Cancún) came right when I needed it most.  Two of my peoples are getting married to each other next month and as a part of the bridal party, I was fortunate enough to hit Tulum for the bachelorette jawn.  Firstly, yes, I would absolutely recommend you hitting this part of Mexico up.  I had such a good time and enjoyed myself tremendously.  Secondly, I have composed a little guide should y’all be interested in visiting:

physically getting around.

Taxis are probably your best option and are pretty easy to get.  We stayed in an Airbnb within walking distance from a major road (Avenida Tulum), so we were able to walk up and flag one down almost any time of the day.  There were also a few occasions in which our Airbnb host called taxis for us.  If you or someone you are traveling with have a working cellphone down there, you can always get a taxi drivers number if he’s cool and hit him up later.  Just an FYI, we paid about 100 to 200 pesos (total) each time we took a taxi.  I wanna say there’s a bus too so, if you are on your budget travel tip, then this would be a good choice for you.

la comida.

Because what is talking about traveling if we’re not talking about food?  Know that it was delicious, and also know that I will dive more into specific meals in a later post (so please stay tuned for that *cheese*).  For now, we’re discussing the logistics.  The Airbnb was within blocks of the center of Tulum so there were mad restaurants.  Additionally, there’s either a bodega, taco stand, food cart, or some type of other store on just about every other block.  There’s also mad restaurants and resorts with restaurants along the main beach strip (Carretera Tulum – Punta Allen).

night life.

Tulum has an array of clubs and bars.  Located both within the city center and at various resorts along the beach.  Unfortunately, ya girl is washed so I really couldn’t hang like that.  The first night we were all sitting around deciding what the move was and I was basically falling asleep in my chair.  I was like look, let me go ahead and tie my hair up and y’all can get it poppington if you want to.  I did stay out later the next night but the last night I literally fell asleep at the club so there’s that.


All along Avenida Tulum and close to the center of Tulum, you’ll find little stores and stands that sell things.  You can find leather goods, scarves, clothes, art work, so on and so forth.  Unfortunately, I never made it to one but that’s fine because there’s nothing I really needed anyways.  If you do end up doing some shopping, make sure you negotiate those prices!

how hot it was.

I went during the month of April and it was probably the perfect temperature.  80s during the day and like 70s at night.  The heat wasn’t oppressive, and it wasn’t humid at all really.  I didn’t find myself complaining (or wanting to complain) about the heat and I wasn’t walking around drenched in sweat, so it was great to me.

safety and security.

There’s some travel advisories out for parts for Mexico and I believe gang violence has been increasing in certain areas.  We took that into account before going and stayed on our ps and qs but we were straight the whole time.  I never felt uneasy or threatened.  Didn’t see anything shady or suspicious.  Everything was copacetic to me!

There’s so much more I want to let y’all know about Tulum.  So, please look out for the next posts to read about how much I enjoyed my trip.  If you have been there before, what did you think?  If you’re planning a trip there now, what are you looking forward to doing the most?  Let me know in the comments!  Until later, peace friends!

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