Let’s tacobout it…


LOL, please excuse the corny title.  However, if we’re talking about Mexico (and traveling in general really), then we must discuss the food!  I don’t think I had anything there that was bad now that I think of it.  The salad I had at the airport was probably the thing I liked the least.  It was just OKAY in flavor and it was also a super dumb idea for me to order it (I’ll spare you the details but seriously what was I thinking?!).  Anyways, moving on to the good stuff:

tacos. Unfortunately, I only ate tacos twice during the 3ish days I was in Tulum (visit my first post about my trip here).  I didn’t end up having them for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday like I had hoped (kidding! Kind of but not really).  The tacos I had though, definitely made up for it.  There’s a spot that is open on the late-night called Los Fabuloso’s and chile, them tacos Hit. The. Spot.  They were like a dollar each and included the traditional Mexican toppings of onion, cilantro and a lil lime wedge on the side.  I want to say I had the chorizo and al pastor.  I ate there just one time, but the impression was lasting.  Next time I’m in Tulum (cause I will be going back), I’m absolutely making a visit and it’s going down.

sandwiches from los Italianos.  Located along Avenida Tulum (Los Fabuloso’s is on this street too), you will find a coffee shop ran by a couple of Italian brothers called Paquino.  To be honest, they may not even be brothers and I’m just making this part up LOL.  I personally can’t speak on the coffee because I don’t drink it but nobody I was with seemed to have any complaints about theirs (and we ate here like twice, a few folks 3 times).  The sandwiches though, girl.  They had various Italian sandwiches and paninis, different types of breads, cheeses and salamis.  They also have several Italian goods like pasta, spaghetti sauce and olive oil for sale.  Now, they take a little while up in there because they slice the cheese and the meat when they make the sandwiches, but trust they are worth the wait.

a burrito that was hitting.  The first night we arrived, we went to this traditional Mexican spot called Mateo’s.  We ended up choosing this place because the bride’s soon to be husband’s name is Matt (I was in Tulum for a bachelorette jawn).  My favorite thing about Mexican places is the free chips and salsa and Mateo’s did not disappoint there.  I ordered a burrito which was delicious.  The rice and beans were cooked perfectly, the pico de gallo was just right, and for real for real, I can’t remember what kind of meat I got.  I just know I punished that burrito.

the best guac I’ve ever had thus far in life.  The guacamole in Tulum was on fuego.  I had it every single day that I was there and each time it was great.  The best part about it was you could tell that the ingredients were so fresh.  The avocados were such a bright green and perfectly ripe.  Whenever tomatoes and onions were included, those were looking healthy too.  The best guac I had down there was at a resort we went to just for the beach and I am absolutely trash because I can not remember the name!  Sorry friends!

Tulum did not come to play in the food department.  Like, I thoroughly enjoyed most of the meals that I had.  I can’t always say that when I visit places.  Some spots can be hit or miss but, on this trip,, I was very blessed.  This post made me a lil hungry and I didn’t even discuss all the meals we had.  Which is why I can’t way to go back and eat, LOL.  If you’ve been to Tulum, please share what restaurants you enjoyed the most in the comments!  Feel free to share some that you didn’t enjoy so we all know not to go there too!

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