How To Not Play Yourself At A Festival

It’s the summer time, and festival season is upon us.  Y’all should know that I really live for a good festival.  They’re high key like my thing.  Whether it be cultural, musical or some other type of theme, I’m here for them all.  Today though, we’re discussing music festivals (some of these items may pertain to them all).  Whether it be a one day or a spans a few days joint, we’re talking about them both.

Kanye at Made in America in 2014??? (I don’t even remember lol)

Rock the Bells, Made in America, The Roots Picnic, and AfroPunk, are a few of the festivals I’ve been to that come to mind at this very moment.  This is not the type of function you just wake up in the morning and roll out to.  Preparation is major key or you will be on the struggle bus afterward.  I’ve comprised my list of 5 Must Haves/Must Dos to not play yourself if you’re thinking about attending a festival.

  1. Eat before you go

 This is a kind of a good rule of thumb for most functions because you never know what the scene will look like when you get there.  You may not like the food or the portions may be skimpy.  At events like these, you’re going to be outside all day and drinking (if you dabble in the spirits).  Having a solid meal really establishes a good foundation for your body for the day.  You may also end up saving money on food because you have already eaten and don’t feel the need to go ham once you get in.

  1. Bring an unopened bottle of water and/or an empty water bottle

Water is a necessity.  More times than not these days, you will be able to find a water station to fill up.  There are even some venues that allow you to bring in 1 unopened bottle of water.  Once you finish that, refill it and you’re good to go.

  1. Bring a blanket 

Or a towel or a sheet.  You may be able to sit down in whichever spot you park yourself at for a set.  Made in America has some field space that I usually like to go stretch out on during downtime if nobody that I want to see is performing.  You will spend a lot of time standing but if you can find a cozy spot to spread out, a blanket will come in handy.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes

You will spend a lot of time on your feet.  Be comfortable.  You will enjoy it much more.

  1. Roll and tuck

 When you are packing your little bag for the concert, hide your ish.  Roll some things in that blanket.  Stash some things in your wallet.  If your bag has mad pockets, use them.  When you’re going through security, don’t just hop in any old line (if you can help it).  Look for which security guard is doing the lazy pat down and get in their line.

First time seeing what YG looked like at Made in America 2014??? (Again, I’m not 100% sure lol)

Now keep in mind, this list if just a starter kit.  There’s much more you can do, but we’re going with baby steps for now.  What are some things you like to do to prepare for a music festival?  Let me know in the comments!

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